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The lands known currently encompass a large continent, surrounded by a few smaller land masses, and the recently discovered Estrone.

In the north-west, Elwinia contains the elves. Across a narrow strait, Novistrad provides a central place of trade between humans and elves.

In the south-west, Riverton is a great port city, and the seat of the closest kingdom to Estrone, the River Kingdom.

In the center of the continent, the mythic Forest of Life is surrounded by mystical energy, and a central place for druids.

On the north side, Ankai is a stronghold, protected by the famed Elemental Druids.

To the south, large groups of semi-nomadic people practice horticulture in the region known as The Sea of Land.

To the east, Belegrad is a city ruled by dwarves and humans alike.

In the north-east, The Isle of Children houses gnomes.


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