Golden Hill

Location and History

Golden Hill is located in the eastern reaches of the River Kingdom, nearest the Forest of Life. While the name comes from the perpetually yellow trees that dot the land (and grow especially thick around their seat of power, the Mounted Keep), the land does not have any known mines for their namesake resource. Instead, the lords of Golden Hill prosper via other mineral deposits such as copper and iron, as well as being the entry point to the River Kingdom for most westbound overland travelers.


Three inverted chevrons on a field of green; lords and scions have three stars added to the top of the field, symbolizing the three founding brothers of Golden Hill.

Nobility and Relations

Lord Finnick Brystone, deceased seven years, and his wife Lady Ara Brystone, formerly Ara Tullas.
Their eldest son, also Finnick Brystone, once styled Lord Brystone, revealed as a bastard and slain by his youngest brother.
His younger brother, Lord Tirus Brystone, known magus and husband to Lady Sabis Brystone, formerly Sabis Carel.
And his younger brother, Sir Gordon Brystone, disgraced and exiled knight retaining a position as a Warden of the West.

Golden Hill

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