Wardens of the West

Motto: The sun never sets on battle

Purpose and Mission

The Wardens of the West were a band of knights assigned to guard duty in the early years of the River kingdom, when human dominion was fragile, and elven incursion imminent. Through their continued valor, battlefield presence, and stewardship over the area’s peasantry, elven scouting parties and raid were consistently foiled, with reports often telling of “a hundred or more knights, all striking in different places in our ranks” – while in fact there were scarce more than a dozen. Over time, they defended the River Kingdom against any western threat – foreign invasion, monstrous assault, and rebellion.

Membership Requirements and Numbers

The Wardens of the West have precisely twelve members at any given time, though not all need be present in Duskhome, their fortress. In fact, usually as many as half the order are afield at any given moment. In order to join, a prospective member must defeat a current member in chivalrous single combat, ostensibly to the death. If the prospective yields, he is permitted his life, but may never again try for the order. If the defendant yields, they are stripped of their knighthood and required to squire for the new member for a year and a day, to humble them.
In addition, the Wardens are permitted and required by the king to maintain a levy and garrison at Duskhome, not to be less than two thousand foot and one hundred horse standing, with a call of up to five times that number.

Notable Facts And Members

The Wardens maintain their own heraldry – a red sunburst with an elongated left side on a white field.
Each of the twelve suits of plate that the dozen founding members died in have been passed down over the years. In the breastplate of each is etched the name of each knight who has worn the plate, and the years during which they were worn.
After Sir Gordon Brystone’s involvement in the Seven Days’ war against his brother Finnick, the Wardens were his staunchest supporters, helping demonstrate Finnick’s base birth and reducing Sir Gordon’s sentence to exile and labor.

Wardens of the West

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